MoPho Pro Concepts

The concepts guide covers core concepts and terminology of the MoPhoPro app.

Media Items

Media item is a term used to describe a media file that is sent from a mobile device to the media server. The file can be any supported media type in Summit including images, videos, audio, and PDFs.


A destination represents an SFTP server that MoPhoPro can send images to. A destination consists of the following:

  • SFTP server host or IP address
  • SFTP username and password
  • Media Directory

The Media Directory is an optional path to a subdirectory where Summit media is stored. This directory has folders for each media type ('Images', 'Video', 'PDF', etc). MoPhoPro destinations must point to this directory for Summit integration to work. If the SFTP server root does not already point to this directory, then the Media Directory should contain a path to the media subdirectory.

Destinations are created and setup by the Summit Support Team for user management purposes as well as to simplify the configuration process.


A batch holds media items that are sent to a single directory. A batch has a Destination, a folder name, category folder name and associated media items. Batches are created automatically by MoPhoPro (users do not add new batches themselves).

Normally the folder name is the estimate number for an RO and media is captured for a single car at a time.

A batch can be in 3 states:

  • Active - The filmstrip on the Capture Screen holds items for the active batch. Only one batch can be active at a time.
  • Stored -
  • Queued - The batch has at least one media item, a destination and folder name selected and is ready to send. Queued batches are indicated by a blue clock icon in the batches list. All queued batches are sent when the user hits send until the queue is empty or the upload is stopped.

In order for a batch to be uploaded, it must be queued for send. This occurs when you Save or Share a batch from the Share Screen. If there are no queued batches then the Left Sidebar Send Button will not be visible. If you select a batch from the batches list, it will be set as active. If a batch is active, that means that it appears in the filmstrip on the capture screen where you can add/remove media items from it. Active batches cannot be uploaded. If you edit a batch, you'll need to Share or Save it again from the Share screen to place it back on the upload queue.


Sync is the process where MoPhoPro communicates with the summitcrs server to validate customer licensing and download Destinations, Categories and other settings to the device. Syncing will check the user license to ensure they are active.

A Sync is performed automatically every 4 weeks (28 days) to validate the user license.

Sync cannot be performed while the user is uploading a batch.